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Summer 2021 Book Review Winners


The reveal of our winning book reviews is here and these avid readers have all won a $10 gift card!

Week 1 Winner - Martha S. for Those Who Are Saved by Alexis Landau

"A fascinating book about love and hope --  Also there is a great further reading list at the end of the book"

Week 2 Winner - Anonymous for The House of Hades by Rick Riordan

"This is the fourth installment of the second series featuring Percy Jackson and his demigod friends. The series is getting better as it goes along, though not as good as the first set of 5. Looking forward to see where it goes next."

Week 3 Winner - Anonymous for Later by Stephen King

"Fun, fast-paced story involving seeing/speaking with ghosts. It follows a narrator’s story from age 6 through 18, as told by a 22 year old recounting his memories. I couldn’t put it down!"

Week 4 Winner - Anonymous for Memorial Drive by Natasha Trethewey

"The book is really well written. I enjoyed reading this memoir of a daughter coming to terms with the brutal murder of her mother by her stepfather. The author won a Pulitzer prize for Poetry and she is truly a great storyteller. I would highly recommend this book."